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The Oxygen Leaks Podcast brings you interviews of hard science fiction authors, science fiction panel discussions, and related content for fans of hard science fiction.

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Interview with Robert J. Sawyer on "The Downloaded"
We speak with acclaimed science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer about his new novel, "The Downloaded." The discussion ranges from the state of science fiction to reflections on Robert’s personal experiences and the broader societal implications influencing his work. We cover the development of “The Downloaded”, which was shaped by pandemic-related production challenges. We talk to Robert about how "The Downloaded" touches on complex issues like justice reform, societal surveillance, and human responsibility in the face of disaster, and how this novel may be his last. See full show notes and transcript at https://oxygenleaks.com/interviews/sawyer-downloaded
June 6th, 202468:03
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Coming Soon
The Oxygen Leaks podcast is coming soon. Part of the mission of Oxygen Leaks magazine is to promote and celebrate hard science fiction and the authors that write it. The Oxygen Leaks podcast episodes will include author interviews and periodic panels on science fiction topics. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts and stay up to date on your favorite genre with Oxygen Leaks.
June 3rd, 20240:19