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Oxygen Leaks Book Interview

Are you an author who has recently released a new hard science fiction novel? If so, we would love to interview you.

Oxygen Leaks exists to endorse, promote and support authors of hard science fiction. We will link to your book, link to your website, promote you, your book, and your interview on our social media, and generally do our best to get the word out about your new release.

Click the link below and fill out our short-form author interview. We will respond via email with any follow-up questions and get your interview published as quickly as possible.

You may also be selected to appear on our podcast, or to participate in a more in-depth interview based on our editor's review of your novel.

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Do all interviews get published?

Oxygen Leaks reserves the right to not publish any interview, or individual questions, we feel do not fit our content. However, assuming there is nothing wrong with that and that your novel has hard science fiction elements, we will do our best to work with you to at least publish the short-form interview.

Is my novel "hard" enough?

Almost certainly yes! We believe hard science fiction isn't a point, but a spectrum. A sliding scale who's utility lies only in setting reader's expectations. Your primary job as an author is to tell a compelling story. If you spent any time thinking about the science in your story, or you researched any real-world scientific principles during the writing (or even based the story on some real-world research), we would consider this sufficient.