Oxygen Leaks

Non-Fiction Submission Guidelines

We are currently OPEN to essay submissions.

What do we publish?

  • English language essays from 1,000 to 5,000 words about hard science fiction, science, writing, culture, and other topics of interest to our readers.
  • Submit via our essay submission form
  • We publish a variety of essays with a science-fiction theme:
    • From critiques and academic essays,
    • to deep-dives into an aspect of science fiction,
    • to explorations of specific science topics and how they could be used in science fiction.
  • We publish short personal essays on a variety of topics, as well.

What do we pay?

  • At this time we pay a flat price of $25 per published essay.

What kinds of essays do we want?

From an exploration of what is hard science fiction, to an essay on your experience at DragonCon last year, to a deep-dive into cryogenics and a report on the state-of-the-art for freezing (and then thawing and reviving) human beings, we want to know your thoughts on any science-fiction relevant topic.